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Session cookies enable the use of important components necessary for the web site functioning correctly. Without them, the service you are using on the web site would not work.

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They are used to obtain statistics on the number of visitors and visitor behaviour. For that purpose we use the service 'Google Analytics' by the service provider Google Inc. Detailed information on this service can be found on the link: .

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Persistent cookies are used as help when understanding Internet activities of the user and for the purpose of marketing activities such as advertising. You can find more information about managing cookies on the web site of the web browser you use. Please note that the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our web site. By disabling or deleting cookies you may disable the function of our web site features or cause it to function or be displayed differently in your browser. You can find additional information on how HEP Group treats personal information in the section HEP Group's data protection.

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